The project “Breaking Stereotypes – Building Tolerance” is an initiative of three non-governmental organizations: Culture. Tolerance. Friendship. (Latvia), Vitatiim (Estonia) and Klaipeda Multicultural cenytre (Lithuania).

The project is supported by the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Union.

Aims and objectives of the project

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to combating racism and fostering tolerance of young people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by fighting traditional and new stereotypes, training specialists working with youth and education of young people.

The main objectives are as follows:

  • to make research on existing stereotypes and prejudices of young people and to recognize reasons and essence of racist attitude, to reveal racist stereotypes of young people, to understand better it sources and roots;
  • to examine and analyse situation in partner countries with anti-discrimination policy, anti-racist education at schools, state level programmes, anti-racist projects by NGOs;
  • to collect and exchange experience and good practise of combating racism, breaking stereotypes and promotion tolerance among young people on state level, in educational institutions and in NGOs;
  • to prepare manual with information and good practise on anti-racist education for specialists working with young people;
  • to train specialists working with young people in anti-racist education and intercultural learning;
  • to organize educational activities for young people in order to promote diversity, tolerance and equality;
  • to disseminate outputs of the project

Target groups of the project

The project is intended to address two main target groups:

1. Young people both majority and minorities in their place of residence, immigrants from third countries.

2. Individuals working with young people in a professional capacity (youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, pedagogues, community and social workers, etc.).

Both target groups represent NGOs, schools, universities, youth clubs and centres, etc.